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  • Going digital: Back to the future

    11 March 2019

    Do you remember the first thing you ever bought, or sold, online? A lot has changed since the OECD held its first ministerial meeting on the digital economy two decades ago. As OECD Going Digital Summit gets under way today, 11-12 March, here is food for thought as we embark on the next 20 years.

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  • Gender: Progress on gender equality is too slow

    8 March 2019

    Governments around the world are paying more attention to gender equality but progress is too slow and uneven, and much remains to be done to increase women’s rights, opportunities and participation in public life and senior jobs, according to the OECD.

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  • Economy: Global growth slowing as risks persist

    6 March 2019

    Economic prospects are now weaker in nearly all G20 countries than previously anticipated, as vulnerabilities stemming from Europe and China, combined with a slowdown in trade and global manufacturing, policy uncertainty and risks in financial markets could undermine medium-term growth worldwide, the OECD’s latest Interim Economic Outlook says.

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  • Climate change: Electricity generation for a cool planet

    26 February 2019

    The four years since the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 have been the hottest on record. Policy efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions must be stepped up. Can investment in clean electricity help? Yes, according to a recent working paper.

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  • Gender: Where are all the women in tech?

    ©AFP/New Science Photo Library
    18 January 2019

    Can the fourth industrial revolution catalyse increased equality between the sexes, or should we be fearing instead that it will even further marginalise women in the workplace?

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  • 排列五走势图一百期:More news

  • Finland’s 50th anniversary

    Finland joined the OECD 50 years ago on 28 January 1969. Since then it has transformed to become a leading knowledge-based society.

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  • Going Digital Summit

    The digital transformation, the evolving world of work, access to high quality broadband, trade and competition, data and privacy, and artificial intelligence are some of the key themes of the OECD Going Digital Summit on 11-12 March. Watch live!

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  • March on Gender

    Empowering women, tackling socio-cultural biases and bridging the digital gender divide are among the key topics during March on Gender at the OECD. We will be kicking off with International Women's Day on 8 March, followed by events throughout the month that focus on how to make gender equality a reality.

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